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Clarence H. White

Born together and died together. Nothing more perfect to a twin. why does it have to be creepy?


Thursday, May 24th 1923 : Girls playing on Empire Day

Clarence H. White

So immensely sweet that at first glance one would be entirely forgiven for mistaking this darling Victorian child as a doll. :)


a girl and her doll, 1890.

The Kiss, 1904 - by Clarence H. White.

Titanic under construction

Clarence H. White Blindman's Buff, 1898

Harold Whittles HEARS for the FIRST time EVER after a doctor places an earpiece in his left ear.

Vintage children

Nadar, Sevestre family's child, date unknown

~1899 French Silk~


French silk dress, 1899

Ring, late 6th–early 5th century b.c., Etruscan, Gilt silver. This ring testifies to the complexity of artistic interconnection at the end of the Archaic period. The bezel is in the form of a cartouche, a shape ultimately of Egyptian origin that the Phoenicians disseminated in the western Mediterranean. The three mythological creatures that decorate it—winged lion, siren, and scarab beetle—came from the East as well.

Eskimo Woman, 1899


In the classroom, Washington D.C., 1899