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  • Sarah Alston

    #BryceDallasHoward (Ron Howard's daughter. I am apparently the last person on earth to know this.)

  • Mary Corwin

    Bryce Dallas Howard. Auburn hair

  • Meg Tipton Boden

    Bryce Dallas Howard. The beauty of getting older is you can choose your hair color; this is the Red I aspire to.

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I don't like blue that much but it looks so nice with her hair and mine is about the same colour

Pretty hair, wonderful pale skin, and fine freckles. This is a very pretty Lady.

Hello, my name is Natalia. I am 16. I'm a natural redhead. My choosing ceremony is within the next week. I was born in Erudite, but I have always known I belonged in Dauntless. I have always hated studying, and research, and school. I like to read fiction sometimes, but I want to know what it's like to be free, like the Dauntless are. I think my parents know that I'll choose a life of recklessness over one of learning. I'm impulsive, and have a tendency to get into fights. Yes, I'll choose Dauntless.

i adore bryce dallas howard (and therefore forgive her for twilight)

I would love to be able to grow hair this long and have it all wavy like that. the longest my hair as ever been in my XX years on this planet was just past my shoulders right after I had my son. Such is life for the folicular-challenged. I'd just want it more vibrant... you know... RED red - heheh - with maybe some purple - and so on :-) Kick-Ass-And-Take-No-Prisoners Red!!!

when I get gray hair and have to dye my hair ! this is the first color i'm getting