Moss hands....could this be done with the pin about making hands out of gloves and cement. Use my glove and one of my sweeties gloves. Then growing moss on the cement hands??? I think so!

He's got the whole world in his hands...

How to grow moss on anything. This is beautiful....

Mossy Mushroom - use chicken wire for the shape line with spagnum moss and cover with chia seeds. So many possibilities!

The Moss Man Cometh...(-:

moss chair

Hypertufa planters

Holding my heart

Handful of flowers.

love the boxwood flowers! I wanna try this in my garden with white groundcover like Sweet Alysum as the petals around my boxwoods

A little atmoshere for the garden


Planting for a narrow, shady path

A green rose. Gorgeous!


How Creative! It takes great talent to make these.

Love it

the romantic garden