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Deal or no deal- Math Probability game. I plan on doing this with the probability unit next year!

Probability Foldable Freebie! (descriptions and examples)

Probability Vocab Cards.. and other math vocab cards!

probability...very cute, entertaining book!

Great description of math journaling in one classroom. Each two-page entry has the learning objective, that objective reworded by the student, what they knew beforehand, what they learned, their proof that it is so, a reflection of their choice, and a "foldable" interactive example. She even brings in left and right brain thinking by having the words and proof on the left side and the art and color on the right. :o) I definitely need to check out her other posts soon!

Math = Love: Foldable Love Cross Multiplication Solving Proportions; Unit Rate Fraction / Decimal / Percent Triangle "Is over of equals percent over one hundred." Part over whole equals percent over one hundred. Percent of Change Ordered Pairs Coordinate Plane Foldable Scatter Plot Foldable - 3 Types of Correlation Domain and Range Algebra 2 Factoring Foldable

Foldables for Math Journals. This is a big goal of mine this summer.

This HUGE collection of 40 foldables will breathe some life back into notes on many Middle School Math concepts. Each foldable includes directions and pictures, as well as a variety of options for you when it comes to how complete you want the foldables to be.

Have your tried math tiles in your classroom? Check out this free resource. You and your students will be hooked!

This packet includes several hands-on activities to use when introducing and teaching probability. There are also colorful posters for you to use ...