50 Running Tips - great if you're just starting out or as a reminder if you're not...

I have NEVER been able to breathe correctly - running or working out.... Tips to correct your breathing while running - changing your breathing will change your running

tonefastfitness: Motivation: Runner’s wall Okay so I need to start one of these. I only have three so far, but this is just motivation to run more races!

How to breathe during running, where was this 2 years ago?

101 Greatest Running Tips | Women's Health Magazine

This is a perfect way to get into running if (like me) you start out not being able to run more than a minute or two before getting winded. THAT IS OKAY!!! Nobody is born a crazy runner and everyone starts the same way :)

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin – 3 Double Chin Exercises. Continue to do others & add these. Get rid of that pouch chin! One tip to remember chew your food very well; it will give your jaw exercise & you won't eat as much.

How to Start Running: 15 Steps to Becoming a Runner (again)

"Set your alarm for 6am. Don’t groan when it goes off and pull the covers over your head, get up and start your day. Put on a baggy top and running shorts. Go downstairs and pour yourself a nice big glass of ice water. Cut up some fruit and mix it in with yogurt. Add some granola. Now go outside. Stretch for 10 minutes. Skip for 5 minutes. Jog for 10 minutes. Run for 10 minutes. Walk back. Lay out a towel on the ground and lie down on it. Do 50 crunches. Yes, they hurt, but they are 100% wor...

Great exercise that will "Flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks--without a single sit-up or squat"!

34 Ways to Make You a Better Runner, pin now read later

For Plantar Fasciitis...my mother suffers from this. **Would've been great to know about this back when I first started running.

The break down of why women should run and what happens. Interesting! Explains a lot!!!

Running On Air: Breathing Technique | Runner's World. i'm a distance runner and this technique is actually great. the first day i tried it i was able to run almost twice the distance i run everyday. =D

Exercises to Get Rid of a Flat Butt

34 Ways to Make You a Better Runner. This is the best advice I have ever been given about running a half marathon.

Power Songs That Make You #Run Faster & Stronger!

Here are 40 sneaky ways to burn extra calories during the day, without any extra training! ---I definitely want to remember these, there are some great tips!

Get a Flat Belly by Friday -- 9 Ways to Slim Your Middle and Reduce Bloat in Under a Week