20 minutes, 2 trash bags, and alot of cheesecloth.

"Two trash bags, filled with leaves , tape for the neck and wrap entire thing in cheese cloth (some tea stained).twine around the neck." my sister's Halloween front door

What the squash?!     pumpkins by http://pinterest.com/PinterestFella/

Funny pictures about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Also, Brilliant pumpkin carving photos.

Another coffin made from pallet boards; ideal for Halloween.

22 Superb Halloween Decorations Using Pallet Wood, Wooden Pumpkins & Decorations

With some bones that you have left over from the skeleton sticking out of the ground or wheelbarrow, stick them in some large jars along with ash or dirt and cobwebs. The dustier, the better.

Best Simple & Scary DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

skeleton bones in a jar halloween decoration - take any extra skeletal parts left over from decorating the yard or wreaths and put them in a jar, add ash, dust, or dirt and top with lid

DIY spooky mirror- thinking i may try this in a series..with 4 or 5 mirrors where the image changes slightly in each one like it is moving through the mirrors

Domythic Bliss: A Creeptastically Eerie Mirror diy using old picture frame with glass and krylon looking glass spray paint

http://creativemeinspiredyou.com/creepiest-specimen-jars-ever/ Oh so creepy, these jars are on my to-do list for Halloween crafts!

The Creepiest Specimen Jars Ever

Halloween ghost

Chicken wire ghost, paint with glow in the dark paint. cool land art eco woodland craft grimm and fairy garden art especially when your ghost eventually starts to get wild ivy and other plants growing up it a woodland spirit

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funny halloween tombstone sayings - Bing Images. -- I would change the pictured stone to read "it would do my heart good to see you in a box of wood". Could also do one saying "come join me/us".