the moment when you feel god watching you through the eyes of a horse

#horses don't judge

barrel racing

Yep, I've had that moment...

True story;) I I have soooo many friends and close family that when they were little were just as horse crazy as me. But as they grew up lost that magical dream:( I guess it takes a true horse girl to have a LIFE LONG passion for the breath taking creatures

A world without horses is like a sky without stars..

Horses. God's gift to man.

Equestrians: When life gives you a chance, take it. Don't be afraid to make a mistake and never give up! No matter how much faith you've lost. Because life is full of surprises! Keep a smile on your face and don't show disappointment. And when your heart starts racing, take a moment and forget about everyone and let it ride! #Quote #Photography

This is why I love horses more than people

Horse quote

God Gave Me You ♥ Horses ♥

very true

I love horses

I love horses! They r soooo sweet! I love my horse:) I know he loves me too even though people say horses don't have feelings.

Horses horses horses :)

Horse Quote :)

#horses #quotes How I feel every time I have a lesson

You have to have faith in yourself and your horse. Then anything is possible!

Horse Horse Horse Horse

Horses are happiness.