Pancake Recipes for Kids: Pancake Sandwich! Put a spin on plain pancakes by making this super cute breakfast that your kids will love!

Pancake Mini-Muffins. Plain or blueberry. Dip 'em in warm syrup!

Super easy Dill pickles recipe

Birthday Cake Pancakes.

Oreo Cookie Pancakes Recipe - #pancakes

cute pancakes for kids

Chocolate pancakes

Check out how to make these super yummy Jello Covered Pineapples! It's a great snack to make with your kids!

Fun Easy Recipes For Kids: Monkey Food. I so am making this with the kids this weekend. How fun to have #monkey food!!

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

Blueberry Pie Pancakes: there are over 200 positive reviews on the post, from people who have made the recipe and loved these super-ginormous pancakes. They are a must-try!

Never making regular pancakes again!! These were perfect and so much less work! Pancake Squares...according to the site it's her MOST popular brunch item!! She also has a link to cinnamon pancakes... yum!

Pancake sandwich


Pancake sandwiches

Birthday Cake Pancakes!

Recipe For Pancake Souffle with Caramel Syrup. I thought this would be hard, although more complicated than making regular pancakes, it was pretty simple and really yummy. One of these gives a decent portion to two adults and one kid.

Pancake Wrapped Bacon | Recipe By Photo