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If it’s snowing outside, make snow ice cream. | 38 Clever Christmas Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

  • Love, light, happiness 🌞

    Even if you collect it in a bin there will still be a bunch of different environmental pollutants in it. this would also be a good thing to tech your kids if you have any so they don't it the snow. Regardless if it looks "clean" it really is not something that anybody should be putting into their bodies. Best idea would be to freeze filtered water and shave it yourself to make snow at home.

  • Carrie Aldrich

    I'd rather do this than buy ice-cream full of processed chemicals. Eating snow is no different than drinking rain water. We've all survived this long. The small bowl full that my child and I eat will not kill us and the memory we make will last a lifetime. All things in moderation.

  • Mikki Slack

    Yes! What Carrie said! And to add there are far worse things in our very grocery aisles we are putting into our bodies. All things in moderation. I still remember the one time my mother made this for us. It was so exciting!

  • Love, light, happiness 🌞

    It's not about things in moderation though, we live in a time where nobody cares. Yes almost everything the the grocery store is crap and way over processed but that is why you should not buy it and that the same for the snow falling from the sky even though it so beautiful we should not be eating it cause there are so many chemicals our bodies don't process and just hold onto.

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MAKE YOUR OWN snow ice cream

yumm....used a little more snow and different flavors....yummilicious!!!!

How to make homemade SNOW cream on yummy and only takes about 5 minutes to make!

Snow Ice Cream | Gimme Some Oven. If your neck of the woods is anything like mine, you can use this recipe. Snow cream rocks!

  • Bridget Smith

    Erica James why did we never have this in Michigan?

  • Bridget Smith

    Meghann Carr why did I never have this in Michigan?!?!

  • Erica James

    Haha I did! My friend Mari Stewarts mom used to always make it lol but then mom told me it was dangerous to eat with pollution in the air and acid in the rain lol

cardamom roasted plum ice cream. - Made this 7-16-14, changed some things...coconut milk instead of cream, fresh plums instead of roasted, ground cinnamon instead of ground cardamom, 1/2 cup maple syrup instead of 3/4 cup sugar. Delicious!

Raspberry frozen yogurt. Looks amazing! Check out those gorgeous swirls of raspberry!

Snow ice cream...every kid should have this at least once! Please let it snow this year!!

  • Elizabeth Langley

    My mother used 1 can Evaporated milk, 1/2 sugar, vanilla and snow mixed until it was the right thickness. It was so good too.

  • Andrea

    Thanks much!! It's a cool idea!! :)

  • Pam Rivas

    I found a recipe that called for 1 can of sweeten condense milk, that way you didn't have to use the milk, vanilla and sugar.

  • Andrea

    That's an awesome idea... But...As cool as this sounds, I think I'm gonna have to leave it to the younger, nondiabetic generation.. ;). Makes me wish I was young enough to enjoy this with my kids again.. We always used to look for things to do.. They would have enjoyed this! I hope other Moms read about your Mom's recipe, tho.. That really makes things simple!! :)

  • Pam Rivas

    Andrea, I know what you mean, my husband is a diabetic and I feel for those that can't enjoy the things they use to be able to eat. But I hope other's will give it a try. Thank you for your comment.

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Snow ice cream