popped into the Aero theater on Montana few months back - sat and watched my fav movie of all time - popcorn, milk duds and redford - pure bliss

Out of Africa

Out of Africa


Out of Africa

R.Redford, Out of Africa

Great movie!!!!!

Meryl Streep, Robert Redford on the set of 'Out of Africa' (1985)

Robert Redford.

out of africa youngmanandoldsoul: Robert Redford Meryl Streep

Out of Africa

Out of Africa


Robert Redford, New York City 1969. Just a few blocks away, at the Biltmore Theater on 47th Street, was where the actor got his first major notices as the star of Neil Simon's 1963 Broadway play, <em>Barefoot in the Park</em>.

i am true blue

Read ALL THE BOOKS! - reminds me of me!

Somewhere In Time!

The Holiday... love this movie!

The time it will take to binge watch these TV shows

Some Where in Time