NEW Hunger Games TV Spot in HQ! This one shows a few more shots from the chariot ride, the interviews, and even an overhead shot of the Gamemaker's map of the arena! Ahhhhhhj so exciting!!!!

Hunger Games!!!

Hunger Games...EXACTLY.

The Hunger Games: #CatchingFire exclusive NEW trailer is here! Watch & #CelebrateYourVictors.

Yes! Rapunzel likes the Hunger Games trilogy too!

Hunger Games :)

Trailer #2 for the Hunger Games!

Hunger games ♥

Hunger Games.

Red is not really my color but I love THG: MOCKINGJAY PT2

Gives me chills!

Hunger Games - Peeta

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games. :)

Ahhhh chills.

This part in the Hunger Games book made me choke back tears...I'm so glad they included it in the movie. Josh was perfect.

Hunger Games!!!!!

Incredibly excited for The Hunger Games movie!

hunger games