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    And memories don't hurt you...

    true, true, true

    Be kind, you truly don't know what some one else has been through. They are alive so they have survived..

    Beautiful People

    I don't let people in often...

    Don't like her but I like the quote!

    yes so true!

    You don't need someone to complete you. You only need some to accept you completely. #love #quotes #Imnotperfect

    Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. You'll have many opportunities to change your mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke.


    So true - Men really don't understand Women!

    Thank you.

    Youve got to do whats right even if it hurts.


    Ain't no body messing with my click, click, click....made you smile. I believe in the click. It changed my life for the better. I know it...I feel it.



    "Dance Like No One is Watching. Love Like You've Never Been Hurt..."

    Similar to “Don’t make someone else a priority who only sees you as an option.” I love the idea of “magnetising greatness” rather than “desperately seeking” it.