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Re-pinning 'cause My hair is (or will be???) somewhat similar and I see similarities in skintone/eyebrow colour.

Crown braids, my oldest sister would do my hair like this when I was little. Wow that must have taken a TON of patience.

Braid bun - so pretty! I think that old-fashioned hairstyles like this are prettier than modern ones. Just my opinion. :)

I'm going to figure out how to do this, and it's going to be awesome.

some day i really want to be able to do this with my hair... ♥

braid inspo. OMG I do fishtails all the time but wow that is gonna take some time for how intricate the hair pieces are. My arms would for sure fall off!

really like this hairstyle, wish i had enough hair for this!

ok, I REALLY want this color of purple for my hair, blended with the black. I think it's such a nice color it almost looks natural - if purple can look natural lol

Long acid green hair.....omg so cool!!!:)