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My favorite Christmas movie


This would be awesome

The most interesting man in the world is a news buff.

Cutest wussing-out ever.

That's what we'll do!

This is terrible. And funny. And dumb. But mostly dumb. :)

We all have that one friend...



Pull it together, Phyllis!

I am the doctor.

Creative Office Prank

Nailed it.

Click and read. "Knock knock, m*****f*****." Hilarious.

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 67 Pics

Hahahaaaaaa. So sad, so true. If only I were as skinny as the first time I thought I was fat.

No Shave November? Two can play that game...

Yes, yes we do.

Pinterest makes me love people I've never met. Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life.

Anatomy of a gummy bear... This shit ain't right.

Just not right...

So true.