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  • Kassidy W🏄⚓️

    so true. oh my goodness, I was crying in the book, but in the movie it just looked like a scab.

  • Maddie Hodgett

    The Hunger Games: Last time I watched the movie I started yelling at my computer "He's septic he needs IV antibiotic not an ointment!". And in the book he lost his leg

  • Leah Chibe

    true story bro This is why I usually don't see movies based on books I like.

  • Maya

    Hahaha I'm laughing so hard right now. Why is this so funny? HAHAHA.

  • Tes Medovich

    Lose leg in book? Not important enough to make it into the movie. #HungerGames

  • Julia Treat

    Hunger Games humor

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I'm still blown away that most girls were impressed by the first part. I was always impressed by the library...and the fact that Belle could sing, read, and walk through a crowd of people all at the same time.

My hair looks bad some days but NEVER as bad as that jackasses. Trump, I mean. Not the other one.

Brings back memories - my mom and I use to do this every time! We never missed an episode of FRIENDS .

it really is... and this is the reason I look horrible when I get home from work...

LOL never thought about it before but it's totally true how you're perception of leftovers changes with age

It's funny 'cause it's true! (Especially the Skrillex part, Julie Dawson)

kinda right... all ya'll is more like if there are a few groups of people in the room and u need to address them all

very true...although... it's more fun eating it like the bottom picture all of the time :)

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