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"Oma koti kullan kallis" cross stitch. (translates into English literally as "own home (is) valuable as gold" but means the same as the English expression "Home sweet home" )


Say it in Finnish language! Home = Koti

Lapland, Finland

"Have a nice day" in Norwegian

very basic comparison between Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, & Finnish languages from the Stand Still. Stay Silent webcomic (which is set in a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia)


Excellent translation!

Norsk, ikke sant? by Jenny K. Blake. This is cute. Norwegians say "Ikke Sant" which directly translated means, "Isn't that true", the way American't say, "Right" after a sentence. Like, " I know, right?"

Finland Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at www.wandershare.com for high-res images.

Beer floating in Helsinki, Finland. It has occurred since 1997 with the most recent trip having over 5000 rafters. It's announced every year by social media.

Finland <3


Söder, Stockholm, Sweden

"everything will be ok"


Decoration of the Dala horse.

svenska folkdräkter

Suomen kesää parhaimmillaan. Finnish summer at its best - fresh potatoes


I love birch forests