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Series finale of LOST. I was sobbing uncontrollably for nearly an hour!!!!! Seeing these faces again is like seeing my family. For me, Dom isn't just that Hobbit, he's that drug addict from the island. And when I watch OUAT, I think of Claire and Hurley when I see Belle and Anton. :)

One of the saddest moments of lost on a poster. I NEED THIS!✈✈✈ Lost

Sayid :: LOST (I miss this show.)

Incredible LOST fan art. I'm so deeply lost in LOST!

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Desmond! I miss you. And I still want to change my name to Penny.

Yes, the hatch. Lost Tv Show Poster Minimalist Art Print by AllGeekyPrints

Adrift by gideonslife, via Flickr

Motor pool Juliet