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Matthew Fox, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Michael Emerson as Jack, Juliet, & Ben in Lost


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Live Together or Die Alone ~ LOST

Live together or die alone Keep Calm Lost

LOST! I made this as a faaaancy graphic for the paper! I’m mostly proud of my ETHAN ROM. Such a creep. Please check it out!I had to learn Flash for it!

LOST fan art - I love how you can tell who Ian (Boone) is because of the jawline

Lost (Season 1 -- Episode 8: Solitary), Dominic Monaghan, ... | I love the friendship moments in LOST like when Hurley gets the guys to play golf on the island...—Ashly

‘Lost’: YOUR 20 Best/Worst Moments

The first and hopefully last annual Island Open ⛳🌴

Almost every scene was shot on location in Oahu. | 16 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Lost" Yep, even those set in Sydney and Iraq. Only a handful were shot in L.A. and London.

Almost every scene was shot on location in Oahu.

Lost fans, you should really take a look at these. There's mention of an Epilogue to the finale and interesting behind the scenes stuff.

"Greatest Hits #1 the night I met you." Charlie's greatest hits letter to Claire before he died. :(

Best Lost Moments Charlie and Claire:) Charlie's number one memory- meeting Claire