mason jars

this would be so clever to have in your backyard all around using sand and timed candles that look like real candles.

Glass jars in all the world is familiar for craft, but do you ever think that stuff can be useful? In Christmas, thanksgiving, Halloween and many more important events our entire family member from far away is usually come to celebrate it together. So man

candle and wine glass


center pieces

Zodiac City Aries and stress. These things are generic and sometimes insightful into the human mind.

Lotus Flower Candle bowls

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Wide mouth Mason jar fairy lights. Perfect table decor for rustic weddings!

tabletop lanterns for wedding centerpieces | You will see how simple this lantern--literally 3 minutes. LOVE that!

mason jar crafts

Mason jar lighting

I really love this idea. Would be good for a date night, party, or wedding!