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    It would be a great mistake... to think of secularism as simply an "absence of religion." It is, in fact, itself a religion, and as such, an explanation of death and a reconciliation with it. It is the religion of those who are tired of having the world explained in terms of an "other world" of which no one knows anything, and life explained in terms of a "survival" about which no one has the slightest idea; tired of having, in other words, life given "value" in terms of death. Secularism is an "explanation" of death in terms of life. The only world we know is this world, the only life given to us is this life — so thinks a secularist — and it is up to us men to make it as meaningful, as rich, as happy as possible. Life ends with death. This is unpleasant, but since it is natural, since death is a universal phenomenon, the best thing man can do about it is simply to accept it as something natural. As long as he lives, however, he need not think about it, but should live as though death did not exist. The best way to forget about death is to be busy, to be useful, to be dedicated to great and noble things, to build an always better world. If God exists (and a great many secularists firmly believe in God and the usefulness of religion for their corporate and individual enterprises) and if He, in His love and mercy (for we all have our short-comings) wants to reward us for our busy, useful and righteous life with eternal vacations, traditionally called "immortality," it is strictly His gracious business. But immortality is an appendix (however eternal) to this life, in which all real interests, all true values are to be found. The American "funeral home" is indeed the very symbol of secularist religion, for it expresses both the quiet acceptance of death as something natural (a house among other houses with nothing typical about it) and the denial of death's presence in life. —Alexander Schmemann

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Alexander Schmemann

The proverbial "leap of faith" is actually the size of a mustard seed. Keep going. And by the way, look at St. Augustine. Don't become disheartened that you made bad choices in the past; make the best choice you ever made by turning to the Lord-- watch as the Lord, through the Sacraments, reorients your life and puts a lot of broken pieces back together.

Here's the thing I don't get about claims that the importance and centrality of the Crucifix somehow means that Catholics "don't worship a risen Christ": what do we call Easter? We can't have the Resurrection without the Crucifixion (and Death of Christ)-- what, after all, did Christ rise FROM?

Crazy Love - Chapter 4 - Profile of the Lukewarm “Lukewarm people do not live by faith; their lives are structured; so they never have to.” #faith #Godwantsallornothing

The tomb is still empty. HE is not here; HE has risen! He's risen, He's not here... Luke 24:6

When You Are Going Through Something Hard And Wonder Where God Is Remember The Teacher Is Always Quiet During A Test. Trust In The Lord

NEVER look at the circumstances... God's not controlled by them!

Faith in God includes Faith in His Timing ~ Neil A. Maxwell quote (photo only)

This wee lass with her cheese pascha & red eggs says, 'Christ is risen!' I love this picture! So simple and sweet!

Trust the process | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. #Pray with the whole world --------->