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  • Nicholas Wai

    From The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

  • Jacqueline Nguyen

    Confidence Goldfish

  • Chrissy Calo

    just keep swimming.

  • Callista Foster

    Sometimes you have to go against the grain

  • Lisa Hernandez

    Spiritual Inspiration

  • Susan Lynch

    Love this illustration of confidence...but I see it as keeping your eyes on God's plan for your life. It's always different than everybody else, but so right for you. I know there's a scripture that explains it, but can't remember right now. Will have to look it up. Would be great to paint and add the passage.

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So true, wear what you want to because you love it, be confidant and take a chance- your fashion choices should represent you, not anyone else or the current trends, don't be afraid to represent who you truly are through your style :)

10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence. For more information, click on the pin.

Use confidence to overcome criticism. If you think about it, most critics are "armchair critics"... people who never get out of their comfort zone to do anything (puts it all perspective doesn't it?!) Keep living and achieving!

"In a way confidence is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets" #Confidence

irreplaceable confidence > dust collectors

Your mind can push your body past its physical limits. Always remember that. You can do more than you think. You just have to believe in you. You have to PUSH to get through. So hold your head high and start acting like you own the place, because you have what it takes. You are the champ! :)

Good reminder! Would be a nice pick me up either in the bedroom (end table art?), closet or bathroom, or the hallway - a place where it'll be seen shortly after waking up to inspire the pants off of you -- Wake Up & Be Awesome

If you're going to be weird, be confident about it. And then just do it!

For a teenage girl's room... Print this out on nice paper and put it in a white frame. You can change the background color to any color you want.