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Civil War Photo of Two Black Union Soldiers

This image, which shows a black man from the waist up, dressed in a button-down cap and holding a rifle against his left shoulder, is undoubtedly of a Union soldier. An estimated 180,000 black soldiers served in the Union Army—10 percent of its total soldiers and 13 percent of the black population. “We know that so many of those soldiers were very young, quite ordinary, probably farmers, possibly illiterate, but we don’t know anything about him,” says Gates-Moresi.

Woman with her Black Union Soldier husband during The Civil War.

Large hand-colored salt print of two women with very thin waists posed arm-in-arm in front of an elaborate painted-in background. German ca. 1860

Union poster, 1863: Men of Color - To Arms! (The Emancipation Proclamation authorized the enrollment of black troops. Altogether, 186,000 black soldiers served in the Union army and another 29,000 served in the navy, accounting for nearly ten percent of all Union forces and 68,178 of the Union dead or missing. Twenty-four African Americans received the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary bravery in battle) #CivilWar

Black confederate soldier...yes there were many who fought on both sides

Freedom Fighter | 1865 (Close Up) by Black History Album, via Flickr

Union Army Soldiers, 1865 Full length double portrait, two African American Union Army soldiers with swords, standing [hand tinted]. Randol...