do a photo of the baby with the main craving you had!

craving session

Emily's Little World | St. Louis children's newborn maternity senior photographer: Ann's Little Family {St. Louis Family Child Baby Photographer} Maybe something like this for RJ? It doesn't have to be cereal...maybe small toys or flowers?

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I'm wondering if he'd notice if I moved the baby and got all comfy there myself. Hmmm.

Heidi Hope Photography...would love to get my daughters picture in my wedding jewelry

Cute "display" photos of babies.

Awesome baby pic!!!

Such a fun idea. Sad I didn't see this sooner!!! Next go around!

this is such a cute idea!

Special Delivery baby-adoption announcement! Fun

Great 1st year pic idea! You can take the same picture in the same place and add more balloons as they age!

SO cute


great idea

baby baby-photos

One of the cutest pictures Ive ever seen.

So precious.

expecting announcement. Yes yes yes!!!!!