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  • Jordan Smith

    'Sculptural Crochet Primer', A Great Basic Intro into Crocheted Shapes! You can incorporate these technique into making Amigurumi, Coral Reef Structures & any other Three Dimensional Work you can think of!! *SuperNaturale

  • Ellen Haworth

    SuperNaturale \ Sculptural Crochet Primer basic building blocks of crochet sculpture

  • Aubrey Denmon

    I like this as art piece. The content appeals to me as a craftster, while the display excites the science nerd in me.

  • Dawn Stapinski

    Amigurumi shapes and design

  • Ginny Smith

    Incredible photo illustrations of how crochet stitches are used to shape crochet work. So helpful for making your own 3D crochet designs! Wow! I wish that I had seen this three years ago, before I halfway learned it by trial and error. :-) SuperNaturale \ Sculptural Crochet Primer

  • Julie Morris

    Great Crochet Project

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Where the Wild Things Are..Dont think Chy has actualy realized all she can really do when se learns crochet all the way cant wait to show her all this

A great example of amigurumi by Amigurumi Princess. This technique is a Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. It made it to our textile board because of the fabric ears.

crochet, sculpture, amazing. Looks like those brilliantly brightly coloured deep-sea creatures, anemones & sea slugs etc...

How to crochet amigurumi (adorable stuffed animals): tips and tricks, plus a link to how to crochet the "magic circle," which is how to crochet in a round without a center hole.

basic amigurumi doll pattern :) Grandma! What is amigurumi?

Okay who can make these in cream and black?!? I will so pay who ever can haha we want these for our nursery

Anne-Claire Petit make the cutest little crocheted rattles. We love em. Available from

I love these patterns! ~ See book below ~ "Amigurumi - Super Happy Crochet Cute" ~ I've made the deer. See my A is for Amigurumi board, Deery-loo.