Hot? Learn How To (Legally) Beat The Heat

One of the most enduring and mesmerizing tropes in New York City photography is that of kids dancing around in the spray of opened fire hydrants, cooling off from the cement-compounded heat of the sti
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Air Umbrella- no freakin way... no canopy but rain still goes around you.....

Airglow over Earth

From Postcards From Google Earth -“The images are screenshots from Google Earth. They are glitches that occur when the 2d satellite imagery and 3d terrain don’t line up quite right, or structures such as bridges get projected down onto the terrain below, creating fabulous and unintentional distortions” Clement Valla

sillyputty_magnet [Galerie 2009]

as if otters weren't cute enough

The "double decker" living tree root bridge in the village of Nogriat,in Meghalaya India. Locals have guided roots and vines from native Ficus Elastica - rubber trees - accross rivers. In time, a sturdy living bridge is produced, sometimes taking 10 to 15 years to become fully functional

A restaurant where you eat barefoot in water from a waterfall - Villa Escudero is located in Quezon Province, Philippines.

The Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavilion is a wind-singing metal sculpture by Bristol-based artist Luke Jerram that lets windy gusts and breezes find their capacity for articulation. Using no electrical power to assist the melody-making, nylon harp strings are attached to some of its tubes, diverting wind into the centre of the work to create sound. Even the unstrung tubes are tuned to an aeolian scale to hum at low frequencies.

Zwembalkons in Mumbai. Each room has its own pool


Antarctica Icebergs: Stripes are formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions. Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form. via #Iceberg #Antarctica #finetuneyou


When this female named Dorothy died of heart failure, all the chimpanzee family came out of the forest to say good bye..... the most stunning reaction was a recurring, almost tangible silence, reported staff at Cameroon’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Centre. If you know chimpanzees, then you know that they are not usually silent beings. I think it’s beautiful how many of the chimps are touching each others’ shoulders. Respect for a fallen comrade

A Dubai-based pizza shop called Red Tomato Pizza has created the one-touch magnet in the shape of a pizza box. When opened and pressed, your order is placed. The "VIP Fridge Magnet" works via Bluetooth and your smartphone. You simply synch up the magnet and create your pizza profile online and you are ready to go.

X-Ray Image of a Corset (1908)

Neon Museum Las Vegas

Squirrel Chair: Find the corncob chair feeder here: #Squirrel_Chair_Feeder

How to answer interview questions.

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