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    • Rachael Lambert

      Colorado dog to be destroyed for barking at strangers

    • BeachMamaof4

      There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

    • Rayma D

      DRE~A 6yr pit bull is held at the Brighton Animal Control in Brighton, CO. July 26-the day he accidentally got loose from home. Dre & the other family dog, a Doberman, apparently frightened strangers who phoned animal control to report "vicious" dogs. Neither dog jumped on, bit nor injured anyone at any point in time. Dre however, barked. The Dobie was released, but Dre, the barker, is being held & he may be destroyed as "vicious." Vicious despite never having caused harm to anyone.

    • Nurse Kristin Wise

      ONE FINAL UPDATE: Dre has been home for a month now. He's happy and healthy and getting all of the love he deserves. Here is a final post update:

    • S a r a I n g r a m

      Sign this petition please. We need to stop them from telling us what is best for our kids and our pets. This poor dog will lose his life because the police think he is "vicious" when he has never hurt anyone.

    • Rayma D

      DRE GOES HOME!!~A behaviorist hired by the city to evaluate Dre’s behavior was positive, court allowed Dre to go home & dismissed 4 of 5 charges. The 6 yr dog was impounded on Jul 5-the day he accidentally got loose from his home along with Machomotto, the O'Brien family's other dog. Though Dre never hurt anyone, the city deemed him vicious & threatened to destroy him. Over 68,000 people signed a petition for his release. Ever wondered if we make a difference? WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE-WE DID IT

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    This makes me want to try teaching Ares to paint.

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