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    • Chantel Berner Palmore

      The Human Body | Science | Learnist

    • Roger Hoard

      What’s the secret to learning a second language? Studies reveal it's more than just a matter of memory. A look at what the science of recall can teach us

    • Ashleigh Arney

      No this is wrong. If they are dying in a car accident or something their mind has a dream sequence of your life to see if you have had a car accident before and if you did how did you survive it? Then the brain with use that memorie to try and figure a way to live.

    • Chad Morris

      Ketogenic Diets Enhance Brain Tumor Treatment | XbodyConcepts

    • Carter & Carter Solicitors

      Long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and treatments revealed.

    • Lisbeth Coto / Lis de Fleur

      FUN FACTS =-= When a Person Dies, They Have 7 Minutes of Brain Activity Left. It's the Mind Playing Back the Person's Memories in a Dream Sequence, WOW !! ~<3

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