PHOTOS: Among The Kazakh Eagle Hunters

Kwanduk owned two magnificent golden eagles and would go out in the morning hunting rabbits, foxes, wolves and marmots. The fur is used to make the infamous Kazakh hats.
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Purple door

old wood and rusty copper



green yellow grey

Cool door!

It's almost the 4th of July! Here's a tutorial how to get some great sparkler pictures over the holiday.

When our Savior comes and it’s time for us to see our home, may we not be strangers. Until then, let’s carry a picture of our homeland in our hearts. May it be as familiar as our own backyard. May we be ready when our “hometown hero” comes....Read More at ibibleverses.chri... #devotional #home #heaven




honeytree, Venice

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Slender Leaves

The Infinity of Knowledge. The Prague Municipal Library at Marianske Square, Prague, Czech Republic is definitely worth visiting because of an amazing sculpture made of numerous books by Matej Kren, a young Czechoslovak artist. This wonderful sculpture is placed in the Prague Municipal Library, consisting of books and mirrors, creating an unusual effect of infinity.

'Readers' - Larochelle, France


Mushroom underside close-up

Love this pattern of a plant...very fragile!

moss covered clay roof tiles

Horse hair


Texture : Gecko Skin