every girl wants THE perfect dress.

@Abby Christine Christine Crawford @Denise H. grant Moser @Hailey Phillips Phillips Booker

One if my friends calls me white girl because I wear uggs and yoga pants

I'm actually SO SO SO excited @Kaylee Wilson :)

just girly things hope ill be a brides maid

even though my dad is already amazing :)

Just girly things

i want long hair but when ever i get close to having it long i cut it..... there for i guess i am just going to have short hair

Like reeealllyy lonng hair.


Hoping To Marry Your Best Friend Someday -Just Girly Things

wanting a small tattoo :)

justgirlythings mine would be FOOD! But I wouldn't get a tattoo

just girly things: Photo

just girly things- Bucket List

Gotta keep fighting

staying strong when things get to hard to handle. -just girly things-


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