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cutie pie

River, the blue nose pit bull pup. He looks like my baby blue pit Nori's twin! Oh my gosh they hurt my heart :)


Adorabe Cute pitbull Puppy- Pit bull puppies are the cutest puppies - For Puppy Fridays from Underdog Rescue of Arizona

Puppy love

We need to work on your kissing skills. <--- Definitely a depiction of my first kiss.


For a lack of knowledge or information, some people say that Pit Bulls are dangerous, aggressive and they often attack people and even their.Pit bulls are beautiful Dogs

Eu tenho um sonho. De que um dia eu não serei julgado pela minha aparência mas sim pelo meu carater!!!

I agree with this dog quote. Don't judge a dog by the breed. Cause it might be the friendliest and loyalists dog ever. And don't judge me or any human. Cause they might be the friendliest and loyalists human ever as well.