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It's NEVER about COST (especially when you can get your Challenge for FREE)...it's ALWAYS about priority!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge - You CAN afford to kick start a new, healthy lifestyle! Want to start your own challenge?

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Plant protein-based formula Just 210 calories Balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management Provides 22 grams of easy-to-digest plant proteins High in dietary fiber 50 percent of the Daily Value of calcium 26 vitamins and minerals

Gingerbread bars and orange cream shakes are back!!! Order yours now before they sell out!! Advocarebythehoths.com

This is my vote to bring back the Gingerbread bars! 2012 holiday products - AdvoBar™ Holiday - Gingerbread flavored & Orange Cream flavored Meal Replacement Shake - get 'em while they last!

Menu for the week of june 3 � 9 {advocare recipes}

Menu for the week of june 3 – 9 {advocare recipes}

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Power Play - Get incredible results in only 7 days, on a bit lower initial budget, but just as much commitment toward your better future!

AdvoCare produces the most advanced nutritional supplements available, can help deliver the nutrients frequently missing from the diet, and along with a healthy lifestyle, can support a lifetime of optimal wellness. If you would like some information on all of our products or how you can be in business with me, then I invite you to take a look: Advocare.com/13014096

Spark is Amazing! If you ever try it you will throw rocks at Red Bull, Monster, 5 hour energy etc.