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    @Kathleen Layden hahaha

    Grammar humor is my favorite.

    bahaha :) Made me smile

    Love it!!

    Next time I have to fill out one of those in class evaluations I am going to write this.

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    Cinderella's controversial shoes. Don't mind me, just sitting here laughing so hard I'm gasping for air. Why is this so funny?: Giggle, Bottom Jeans, Cant, Funny Stuff, So Funny

    Let's be honest. I really really don't like eggs. And the only way I ENJOY eggs is when they are deeply disguised in something else delicious.

    everyday / paper jam press

    That annoying moment when you pull up to work and it isn't engulfed in flames.

    This is just too funny not to share!

    I said this in my head today when I saw a man wearing Crocs to class..

    I can't stop laughing.

    LOL...True story!


    Why I hate metal detectors.


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    No. No . No. No. Hell NO. I don't like the spider legs look.