{Cristiana Couceiro} The sun was sinking Personal illustration. Series Daylight and the sun.

#graphicdesign #graphicdesigner 35 of the Best Graphic Design Pieces of 2014 | From up North

35 of the Best Graphic Design Pieces of 2014

올드앤뉴 이런식으로 반반? 아이보리에 초록색 흰색

Print design ideas and inspiration. Little Spines. I love the concept to have a live tree next to a dead one on the cover of this booklet. On top of that, I love the clean, minimalistic style.

Fastest Growing Microjob Website!!

This is one of my favorite ads thus far. I love that the photo has a vintage tint and the use of typography is brilliant. The blur in the middle of the type really conveys the idea of flying to good use

Tessellated Mountains

C that the artist created a mountain range out of different pictures of actual mountain ranges. The different colors make it easier to tell that each overlapping picture is a mountain and keep your eye flowing from one pyramid to the next nicely.

De Vitrine Gallery - Marta Veludo

Women of Graphic Design - type-lover: De Vitrine Gallery by Marta Veludo .

Graphic volcano

This image includes the detail of the trees in the foreground. It is spatially accurate as there is less detail in the mountains farthest away. These include the cross contour lines of the mountain to show definition and the variation.