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    Failures due to improper mortar

    Note: There are 2 different kinds of tack stip. Usually they are color-coded. If so, the blue are for wooden subfloors (they have longer, thinner nails) and the red are for concrete subfloors/foundations (they have short, fat nails in them) Be SURE to get the right one. Concrete nails won't hold in wood and wood nails won't go into concrete. Transition instruction thread

    PVC Beating Block - Prevents tile lippage and ensures adequate bond between tile and adhesive.

    Tile Bead 8' 20 pcs - for where two cement board pieces create an outside corner (bench)

    InterNACHI framing code reference

    Plumbing Vents: Code, definitions, specifications of types of vents, wet vents,

    Tip: Make sure your Tile subfloor does not get filled with dust, debris or thinset. (One suggestion - cheap acrylic caulk in cracks after installation.) This photo shows some great tile work. The beautiful tile is nicely lined up, but I especially appreciate how there's no mortar or thinset where the tile meets the wall. Using mortar here can lead to tenting issues, since it prevents the tile floor from moving and expanding. This clean finish is exactly what you want to see in your bathroom. Make sure your tile contractor understands that you don't want your installation done with thinset on the edges that meet the wall.

    Positioning Underlayment to Prevent Tile & Grout Cracks - The Floor Pro

    Off angle toilet flange

    OR - use kerdi fix on the whole piece of kerdi-band. Takes less than one tube.

    8 in. EasyMat Roller-80-R32 at The Home Depot

    Roller for sheet membranes

    QEP 5-Gal. No Spin Mixing Bucket for Thinset, Grout and Mortar-78211-6 at The Home Depot The QEP 78211 5-Gallon No Spin Mixing Bucket is a unique innovation for mixing thinset, grout and mortar. The distinctive notch design built into the bottom of the patented No Spin Mixing Bucket provides a stable platform for faster mixing, without the worry of bruising caused by a traditional spinning bucket. The bottom of the bucket has a molded 1-1/2 channel and is designed to fit many jobsite items including furring strip, hose, PVC pipe, Rebar, etc. Simply standing on the pipe or hose, you no longer have to squeeze the bucket with your feet and knees to prevent spinning. Designed with heavy-duty plastic, this 5-gallon capacity bucket can withstand the tough construction environment. The wire handle with plastic grip is designed for easy carrying, lifting, and pouring.

    Self Leveling Concrete

    Self Leveling Concrete

    LevelLite® Self-Leveling Underlayment | Custom Building Products

    LevelQuik® Latex Primer | Custom Building Products

    LevelQuik® RS (Rapid Setting) Self-Leveling Underlayment | Custom Building Products

    Neptune Wind - Schluter trim?

    Position of Underlayment to Prevent Cracked Tile and Grout - Schluter-Systems Span Calculator:

    Phillips Manufacturing Company 8 ft. x 5/8 in. Vinyl L-Tear Strip (50-Pack)-TS6VYL

    23/32 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Plywood Tongue & Groove Sub-floor-724084

    Crawl space inspection & repair before tile floor (C) D Friedman

    Don't forget to mark desired locations for receptacles and switches