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    Bones, believed to belong to the pyramid builders, are seen in a tomb near the site of the Pyramids, in Giza, Egypt, Monday, Jan. 11, 2010. Egyptian archaeologists discovered a new set of tombs belonging to the workers who built the great pyramids, shedding light on how the laborers lived and ate more than 4,000 years ago,

    Mungo Man, discovered in 1974, was an early human inhabitant of the continent of Australia, who is believed to have lived between 68,000 and 40,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch. The remains are the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia to date.

    Firm hold: A mummies curls are still in place after 3,000 years. New research by a team at Manchester University has revealed that ancient Egyptians used fat-based products to keep their hair in place

    First chamber from Tutankhamun´s tomb

    The mummy of Amenhotep III, King Tut's grandfather.

    5000 year-old boat discovered in Egypt

    Another Lady of the Krakow Crypt. A woman who was poisoned by her father on her wedding day for marrying a man he disapproved of. She lies in her wedding dress. The year was 1787.

    Boat pit and the Pyramids

    Egypt Giza Pyramid near Cairo

    Stairs, Pyramid of Djoser - Saqqara, Egypt

    Ancient Bones That Tell a Story of Compassion - CRUCIAL CLUE Skeletons at the Man Bac burial ground. Their straight postures suggest that Burial 9's fetal position was evidence of severe disability.

    People climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza, c. 1885. #egypt #pyramid #giza

    Great pyramid

    Maidum Pyramid

    The Pyramids of Egypt

    from the tomb of Akhtihotep

    Sunset over the Egyptian pyramids

    Pyramid Giza Cairo Egypt

    Chapels Djoser step pyramid Saqqara Egypt

    Pyramids and camels in Giza, Egypt

    The pyramids, Egypt