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Jupiter and Io. The orange dot on the moon is an active volcano and the blue cloud is gas from the volcano that is charged by Jupiter's magnetic field so it glows

Apollo 11 landed the first humans, Americans Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr, on Earth's Moon on July 20, 1969, at 20:17:39 UTC. Here, the Eagle on the Moon's surface.

Serenity Nebula See more space pics Thank for viewing!

Amazingly Beautiful Full Moon with Part of Greece: Thessaly, Epirus, Ionian sea, Macedonia and Thrace. The North Aegean islands the Dardanelles with Constantinople the Balkan Peninsula & the Black Sea

The Planets, If They Were As Far Away From Earth As The Moon

Earth at night

Earth at night

Earth at night

Orbit, open space, the International Space Station aligned with Earth's curvature. #space #spacecraft #iss #internationalspacestation #spacestation

National Geographicfrom National Geographic

Jupiter Moon Io, Jupiter Moon Picture, Io Picture

Jupiter and the Gallilean moons


Andromeda’s actual size…

Humility: Andromeda’s actual size, not accounting for the fact it is 2.5 BILLION LIGHT YEARS away, compared with the moon's 238,000 MILES away. It contains a Trillion stars, while our galaxy contains at most a half a billion stars...