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    Contraception Facts

    Birth Control Rights Your Health

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    The pill costs as much as 3 months of an energy bill or 42 Big Macs. The cost of #contraception in dude terms. The Cost of Women's Health Care - Elle #reproductivejustice

    Birth control infographic

    Wealth Inequality in America


    Birth control isn't just about health, it's also about reproductive rights and social justice!

    Why invest in Women? #Women #Health #Infographics

    What's Your Five-Year Birth Control Plan?

    1/3 of women 15-24 use the withdrawal method as birth control. We need to make more effect forms of contraception easily accessible for all women!

    Some basic information on contraception options.

    The visualization also contains quotes from an interview with Maka Gegechkori, Reproductologist, MD.PH.D, which was recorded by JumpStart Georgia on May 25, 2013.

    Save this valuable organization that Provides invaluable health care for low income women.

    I have the implant in my arm for this exact reason!!! Thank The Lord for contraceptives!!

    Access to contraception is under attack, but not access to infographics!

    The Love Connection: Intimacy, Health, and Longevity. Love is one of nature’s best tinctures for a healthy mind and body, but sex might be slightly better.

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    Sexually Transmitted Disease are one of the biggest healthcare challenges faced by the US today, costing the system $17 billion each year. More than 19 million infections are reported each year, with potentially more unreported. One in four college students has an STD, demonstrating a significant lack of proper prevention and safe sex education among young people.

    Because choice matters when it comes to contraceptives, and the decision is between a woman and her doctor, NOT her politician or employer! Thanks Guttmacher Institute for the image!

    Male condoms are the oldest contraceptive method. They are usually latex or polyurethane material that fits like a glove around the penis. Advantage no prescription, protects from STIs. Disadvantages reduce stimulation. 2% of couples using it perfectly become pregnant in first year. 82% for typical users