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High School Education In a Nutshell

Do you guys have any idea how often I feel this way??

I needed a prescription once. EIGHT HUNDRED FRICKING DOLLARS for an anti rash medication for may daughter. Thank goodness bombin' insurance dropped the price to $11. Which in retrospect isn't that awesome considering with some premiums that we pay, regardless if we're sick or healthy, it would be cheaper to put aside money than pay the government thousands of dollars.

in celebration of National No Bra Day Haha this is me for sure.. Lol

I'm a reasonable woman, but if I find that my DVR has malfunctioned, and not recorded my show, I will go absolutely ape shit.

funny crying quotes | Funny Flirting Ecard: I'm NOT crying, I'm having an allergic reaction ...

Eye contact. Life gives us numerous opportunities not to use it. When in doubt, don't make eye contact. It's overrated anyways.

Amba! Don't be offended by the offensive comment I offended you with. It wasn't my offensive intention to offend you so offensively...