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Strange, Weird, and Unusual Houses and Homes from Around the World

Nautilus house - strange buildings

Strange Houses Weird Houses from Around the World

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FingerPrint Building, awesome!

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Onion & Potato Storage Baskets |

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The One Log House, in Garberville (California, USA). It is a one-bedroom house hollowed out from a single log that came from a 2,100-year old redwood tree. After felling this 13 foot diameter forest giant, Art Schmock and a helper needed 8 months of hard labor to hollow out the log into a room 7 ft. high and 32 ft. long, weighing about 42 tons.

Strange house

The Steel House, in Lubbock (Texas, USA). Architect and sculptor Robert Bruno spent 23 years building this strange home that looks like a giant pig out of 110 tons of steel.

Strange home in Germany

Strange houses

mushroom house ; strange

The Teapot Dome, a strange house in Zillah (WA, USA). It was built in 1922 as a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal involving President Warren G. Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming.

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strange house

Longaberger Basket in Newark, OH

Strange house with a strange porch, but I like