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Eight | Schefflera Arboricola | Botanical Portraits |

Ficus elastica rubber house plant. #houseplants #plants #green #design #foilage

Carry me seed (Phyllanthus Amerus) by Francis Ooi, from the gorgeous "What I See When I Run" botanical portrail series.

Las 5 mejores ideas para tener plantas en casa | La Garbatella: blog de decoración de estilo nórdico, DIY, diseño y cosas bonitas.

The easiest, cheapest and coolest flower arrangement these days are simply a bundle of eucalyptus branches from your corner deli. Plus they smell awesome.

Shades of green for your destination wedding #costaricawedding #costarica

from The Jungalow

Farmer's Market Hollywood

Soft Green Leaves - natural textures, organic inspiration

mentaltimetraveller:Oliver Osborne, Rubber Plant, 2013, oil on linen, 56 x 40 cm, 22 x 16 ins

green #green #plant