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  • Natalie Luna

    Blind girl problems

  • Tiffany Shuler

    so true, i don't know why people ask this but it happens all the time. i can see the object of your hand, and you but can't make out the details of your face or read anything. a better questions to ask someone that can't see with out glasses or contacts is "what color are my eyes" lol Dump A Day The Best Of "Expectations vs. Reality - 35 Pics

  • Heidi Unger

    How many fingers do you see? True story

  • Olivia Farrell

    Oh my gosh. Every kid in Red Lion School District between third and sixth grade. "How many fingers?" "How many fingers?" Here's the answer: FIVE, AND THEY ARE PUNCHING YOU IN THE FACE, THAT'S HOW MANY THERE ARE.

  • Faith of the Neary clan

    Funny Pictures, Funny Videos | EpicLOL SO TRUE! I mean seriously, I'm not that blind

  • Britain Parrish

    How I see without glasses. So true, I can tell how many fingers are there, so stop asking.

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