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  • Mrs. Yue

    My family asks me this all the frickin time. Apparently, I am not a very reliable cell phone user. Ha ha

  • Emily//Girl Sips Wine

    Ah, family can be so funny at times =)

  • michelle patton

    Hahaha!! We do this all the time! "Well, glad this isn't an emergency!" This is the previous pinners. So funny!!... I do this all time. I'm always like "What if I was dying! What if I was laying on the side of the road bleeding to death and this was me calling to say my goodbyes and i love you and you didn't even answer! I'd have to spend my last moments talking to your voicemail! But good news, I'm not actually dying so call me back! "

  • Amber Kelley

    When no one in your family answers their phone. So true!

  • Kylie Alliston

    Laughing today... I do this... sooooo funny!

  • Kyle

    True story haha! No one in my family ever answers their phones!

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