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Love her clothes. First discovered her in Amsterdam. Sarah Pacini :: Summer Collection 2012

Another Sarah Pacini look I like from her Summer 2012 collection

Sarah Pacini Layered Dress ~ I have some clothes I do my own layer 'look' both in the warm months and in the much, much colder months. However, Pacini's Layered Look is so much more sophisticated . very likely the reason that I LOVE it so much ♥

it's in all the little details - note the asymmetrical hem on the leggings ...

sarah pacini .... fabulous stylish and comfortable looking !! How fantastic

Sarah Pacini Summer 2012 - I love this brand for Summer and Winter!

Sarah Pacini (does not ship to the US yet).

Sarah Pacini. I want to wear this in the time I go to the middle east...I'm rocking this look.

A sleeveless jacket under a cardigan, chic and easy

ok so i love this and decide to wear a one piece undergarment to make it look exactly do you use the ladies room in an itty bitty not very clean stall in high heels after 2 or three drinks...made you smile diddnt i