DIY Card Idea ;D

The best card ever

Ahahaha all of my friends will be getting these when that time comes...

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Lol awesome

Haha wowww


This made me actually laugh out loud. So gonna do this!

Grammar Humor - That crazy English language. There are always exceptions to the rules. " I before E except after C or when pronounced A as in neighbor or weigh." (That is what we were taught).

Funny Sarcastic Birthday / Mother's Day / Father's Day

Hahaha!! This is awesome!


This is hilarious.

Not sure if this is suppose to be funny or serious but I kinda laughed sooo

Creative Writing Assignment...ROFL

Creativity is a gift.


Made for each other…Gonna have to do this when Todd and I are old farts at the buffet together

Love card

bahaha! Smooth(: