Fun extension of themes with playdough center

Alphabet Sequencing Puzzles - Complete Set at Lakeshore Learning

Number Sequencing Puzzles - Complete Set at Lakeshore Learning

Ready-To-Go Learning Packs - Complete Set at Lakeshore Learning

Pasta & play dough

Following Directions Building Set at Lakeshore Learning

Easy Grip Dough Rollers (#EA808, Lakeshore Learning)

Acrobat Builders - Class Set at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore No-Spill Paint Cups at Lakeshore Learning

Use Legos to print letters on play dough

Feed-The-Animals Games - Complete Set

Spider Play for Halloween or a great addition to a spider theme and learning about spiders

9 Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Their Big Brothers. Great way for kids to have fun together.

All About Letters Pocket Chart at Lakeshore Learning

FREE Spring Themed Number Learning Play Dough Mats. Could also do a biblical theme with numbers 1-10 like 1 God, 2 animals of each in Noah's ark, 3 persons in trinity, etc.

Combining sensory play, nature study and creative learning – have you ever made play dough flowers?

Play dough mats are great for so many things and foster terrific creative play and learning!

Salt dough dinosaurs with "Dinosaurs Love Underpants," by Claire Freedman and Ben Cox.

Ideas for a dinosaur camp! These activities and crafts are easy to make on your own and so much fun for little dino-lovers!

Dinosaur Printables for Preschool - Easy Peasy and Fun

Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids!