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      REFLEXOLOGY Press with thumb for 5 seconds & release for 3 seconds, in the affected point. Repeat for 2-3 minutes for 5 to 10 days. You will get relief....Good stuff to know...

    • Anita Gunawan

      Hand REFLEXOLOGY. Press with thumb for 5 seconds & release for 3 seconds, in the affected point. Repeat for 2-3 minutes for 5 to 10 days

    • Marie Celeste Breaux

      Pressure points on hand for rest of body. Simply find the spot that ails you, and massage the area for 10 to 15 seconds every few minutes until you notice relief.

    • Liz Householder

      Hand reflexology has saved me from nausea and motion sickness and headaches just to name a few!

    • chase hayden

      reflexology ... the hand ...the aim of hand reflexology massage is to sufficiently destress the body parts in order to facilitate its ability to repair itself. There are many nerve endings within the hand & by massaging these various pressure points, the hand will relax, blood will circulate more freely & pain will dissipate.The calming effect will travel to the various body systems & organs for a generalized stress-free feeling of well being; avoid massaging too hard. Enjoy, relax, breathe ...

    • Hayley Rodemsky

      What Your Hands Know [ ] #hands #spa #beauty

    • Carmen M. Adams

      Acupressure Points for Right Hand Healing thumbnail

    • audrey titaley

      Hand massage is healthy

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