Tattoo by Xoil. (You placed the stars in the sky and you call them by name)


Owl tattoo

Xoil Tattoo - France


watercolor #back #tattoos

Watercolor tattoo #Tattoo #ink #inked

Tattoo Art by Xoil | SwipeLife


Golden Mean Temporary Tattoo ... This is an amazing Ratio 1:1.618... that describes the perfect balance and this can be found in, Nature, Beautiful Art ... It is amazing Math that I had no idea it existed. Wow wow wow behold this

Tattoo Art by Xoil | SwipeLife


Tattoo Art by french Artist Xoil

Collage tat: Tattoo Art by french Artist Xoil

Awesome "French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients’ bodies. It is quite impressive how he is able to create different textures with a tattoo machine."

Bloody nice. ~

Tattoo so cute!


Love this new Trash Polka trend. Body Art Attack!!! Facebook: Website:

Women's Tattify 'Bird Is the Word' Temporary Tattoos

Just a beautiful bird tattoo