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  • Kristen S.

    Book nerd problems lol. I do this all the time. Then when you find out and your just like, "Crap, now there's 2 ways to say it in my head every time I read the f'ing name!" - Yup what this pinner said is exactly what happens to me.

  • Miley Barnhart

    All. The. Time. and then Prince is all like hey spell his name for the test and finish this irrelevant quote this is why i do bad in english!!!!!

  • Shonda Swindall

    lolsotrue: when you don't know how to pronounce a character's name in a book, so you just substitute your own jibberish word in your head.

  • Kheri Curl

    If they'd just make them pronounceable in the first place I wouldn't have to....------so so so true! (The bad thing is a year later when you are teaching a class and that book is brought up and they ask you how to read the name)

  • Lauren Glover

    So funny story. I started reading Harry Potter before I knew about this stuff. So, before the movies, Hermione was more akin to "Hermone" (close to hormone) in my head...Thank goodness the movies (or was it the audio books?) corrected me.

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