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Make Your MarkProblem: Little people equal big messes. Solution: Drawers and bins make it easy for kids to put away musical instruments, art supplies, and toys. Baskets and jars for socks, hats, and coins keep the closet tidy. Label everything to help kids stay organized. -- Amanda Catalanotto, professional organizer

A Smart Way to Organize Dressup Clothes | Family Style. Could make the colors different and make it say costumes instead for the boys.

little mermaid tutu OMFG! Someone please have a baby girl so I can do this to her!!!

As soon as I can get Gibby a new dresser, his old one will be converted to a dress-up closet like this. Maybe a little more co-ed than girly, so Gib's fireman coat and other boy stuff won't be forced into a girly fru fru closet!

Organize play clothes - need to find a junked out dresser to upcycle!

Entry way. This is exactly what I want to do. You can change the chalkboard for all occasions!

I was looking at all of the very cute and decorative toy storage things on interest and wishing I could find real storage and came across this pin...just what I was looking for, though could have used the stuffed animals back when Syd was in her stuffed animal prime!

I want to do this in the basement! But I'm sure I won't!! :) how to make a comfy hideout, complete with built-in storage cubbies and a work surface for coloring or homework.