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  • Emily Turley

    The Big Bang Drinking Game - Rules of the funny drinking game based on watching The Big Bang Theory.

  • Morgan Payne

    The BIG BANG THEORY Drinking Game, funny game to play when with friends, I love the BBT. This might come in handy when I am with friends :D.

  • Hily'e Pittman

    the Big Bang drinking game; okay gang who's playing this with me next BigBang?

  • Matthew Daigle

    Big BangTheory drinking game

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THE BIG BANG THEORY - from another perspective.... Still want Lennard...

Sheldon words of wisdom. Prepared for any disaster- including an invasion by Canada.

Jim and Mayim :) This pic....I love it. In my mind, I wish they could be a real couple, even though I know Jim is already super-happy in his relationship. Lol.

LOL I laughed so hard when Amy said this. Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are my lifes true loves ♥

Hahaah I gotta see this for myself! big bang theory # Pin++ for Pinterest #

"YES!" This guy at work said "that is so fetch!" the other day and the girl he said it to had no idea what he was talking about and hasn't seen Mean Girls. So the next 3 clients that walked in he asked if they had seen the movie and they all said they loved it and blah blah blah. She felt like an idiot for sure.

TBBT Drinking Game - needs a bit of fine tuning (such as double shots when Sheldon laughs), but it's a start.

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I don't watch the big bang theory but this is awesome. Guilty for having done this once or twice :)