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Wow I never quite caught this watching the movies, much more respect for Captain Jack!

Captain Jack Sparrow on board ship, movie commentaries. Pirate, swan. A chance to to do the right thing, I like to wave them as they pass by. Ha ha.

I find that I STILL say this frequently! Funny how some things just "stick"

Bhahaha... Never get tired of waving at them

am I the only one who has a fear of tripping on the escalator while trying to get off? I do all the time!

I back up Jack Sparrow's suggestion whole-heartedly, 100%, and to infinity and beyond! lol XD

favorite movie quotes. ever.

Hahaha. :) Pirates of the Caribbean.

I've always been curious about their back story

Whenever the Mythbusters "bust" a Pirates myth, I just say, "They aren't Jack Sparrow."

That's exactly what I do when I get mad enough....savvy?